Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Lan's Christmas Hotel Tour

Every year, there are a few Christmas related attractions at various hotels through out the city worth checking out.  I originally tried to make a evening of it with my girlfriends.  We were going to dress camera ready (of course we planned to go camera crazy) and stop at all or most of the hotel bars in addition to the Christmas Hotel Tour.  However, you can do this with family, or just a loved one.  Be conscious of the weather and dress accordingly.  You may want to wear comfortable shoes; there is walking involved.  And finally, don't forget to fully charge your camera!

1st-- Miracle on Fulton Street
Located on Fulton at Poydras. 
A canopy covered walkway embodies the magic of Christmas and will make you go "WOW".  Best part about it?  It snows!!
Search "miracle on fulton street" for details.

2nd-- Harrah's Hotel
228 Poydras Street-- Right next door from the 1st stop
There's always something new every year located in the lobby-- One year it was a gigantic gingerbread house.  This year, I heard it was a gingerbread SUPER DOME!!

3rd-- Ritz Carlton Hotel 
921 Canal Street-- I'd take a taxi from Harrah's to the Ritz
Instead of just looking at a gingerbread house, you can actually walk into a gingerbread ROOM!!  There is also a very very large and tall Christmas tree in the hotel's courtyard.   

4th-- Roosevelt Hotel 
123 Barrone Street-- 2 minute walk.  384 feet away from the Ritz.
The infamous Christmas decorated hallway.  

5th--  Le Pavillon Hotel
833 Poydras Street-- 5 blocks.  6 minute walk.  3 min cab ride.  0.3 miles from the Roosevelt.  
I remember finishing my Christmas Hotel Tour here.  Despite it being a beautiful hotel, I can not remember if there was anything Christmas-ie worth stopping here for.  

You can do this tour in the order above, or do it back wards.  

If anyone has any suggestions for this tour, please comment.  


updated: Wednesday December 29, 2010

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