Wednesday, March 30, 2011

what would LAN do... if she wanted to get away from NoLa for a day... or 2

this is a post in the working.  =)

global wildlife
clark creek
biloxi-- casino. resorts. night life. shows.
beaches-- alabama florida
lafayette-- that big free weekend fest
mertyle house

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Tips for Bourbon Street

While enjoying Mardi Gras 2011 on Bourbon Street, I realized most people, visitors and newly New Orleanians, do not realize the unwritten rules of Bourbon Street.  Here are some things that are on my check list when i'm visiting Bourbon.

          never wear open toe shoes.
          never wear flip flops.
          never wear strapy sandels.
          never wear shoes with cut outs.
why?  because your feet is cover is who knows what at the end of the night.  its dis-gross-sting.  i always cover my feet up when i'm headed to bourbon.

since the topic is shoes, i would like to add that i consciously do not wear high heels onto bourbon.  there's a lot of walking involved.  the street & side walk is full of cracks.  and the attention i get when i wear heels, i do not particularly enjoy.  let's just say, i think people correlate heels with "working".

          bring your essentials you can carry in your pocket (or a bag of some sort you don't have to carry).  if you've got a camera, do not put it down!!  i've brought my purse before.  i've set some thing down before.  i've misplaced things before.  i should definitely know better.  needless to say, i've never recovered those items.

          everyone is on bourbon to party.  everyone is looking for a good time.  it's the big easy, we are known to converse with anyone and everyone we run into.  be polite and say excuse me.  be polite and greet some one if they've greeted you.  just be polite.

          it is very easy to get lost from your group when walking bourbon.  i do it all the time.  there is so many distractions.  some one yelling at you from the balcony.  some one else trying to lure you into their venue.  some one walking along the street with you.  street performers.  random street dance parties.  your new favorite song blaring from one of the spots.  many many distractions.  so if you lose your group in all of the mess, here's my solution:  always meet at the next corner you all were walking towards.  instead of looking for the lost person or looking for your group along the block, just go to the corner to regroup.  it's always worked for me, especially when it's super congested.

that's all i can think of for the moment, of course i am open to suggestions and will add as i come up with more do's and don'ts.

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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Lan's Christmas Hotel Tour

Every year, there are a few Christmas related attractions at various hotels through out the city worth checking out.  I originally tried to make a evening of it with my girlfriends.  We were going to dress camera ready (of course we planned to go camera crazy) and stop at all or most of the hotel bars in addition to the Christmas Hotel Tour.  However, you can do this with family, or just a loved one.  Be conscious of the weather and dress accordingly.  You may want to wear comfortable shoes; there is walking involved.  And finally, don't forget to fully charge your camera!

1st-- Miracle on Fulton Street
Located on Fulton at Poydras. 
A canopy covered walkway embodies the magic of Christmas and will make you go "WOW".  Best part about it?  It snows!!
Search "miracle on fulton street" for details.

2nd-- Harrah's Hotel
228 Poydras Street-- Right next door from the 1st stop
There's always something new every year located in the lobby-- One year it was a gigantic gingerbread house.  This year, I heard it was a gingerbread SUPER DOME!!

3rd-- Ritz Carlton Hotel 
921 Canal Street-- I'd take a taxi from Harrah's to the Ritz
Instead of just looking at a gingerbread house, you can actually walk into a gingerbread ROOM!!  There is also a very very large and tall Christmas tree in the hotel's courtyard.   

4th-- Roosevelt Hotel 
123 Barrone Street-- 2 minute walk.  384 feet away from the Ritz.
The infamous Christmas decorated hallway.  

5th--  Le Pavillon Hotel
833 Poydras Street-- 5 blocks.  6 minute walk.  3 min cab ride.  0.3 miles from the Roosevelt.  
I remember finishing my Christmas Hotel Tour here.  Despite it being a beautiful hotel, I can not remember if there was anything Christmas-ie worth stopping here for.  

You can do this tour in the order above, or do it back wards.  

If anyone has any suggestions for this tour, please comment.  


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Friday, July 30, 2010

WWLanD... if she were planning a night out for a date

i guess because i'm a hopeless romantic, i like to conjure up some ideas for dates-- something fun, something different, something romantic... just something. here are a couple of ideas i've come up with:

Date senario #1:
  • martin wine cellar to pick out a bottle of wine
  • baru for dinner (they do not serve alcohol, but they do have a corking fee)
  • a walk through the neighborhood
  • desert/pastry/gelato shop

Date senario #2
  • dinner at a any restaurant in the french quarter
  • some type of tour- the haunted ghost tour, the carriage tour...
  • cafe du monde for dessert/beignets
  • a walk along the moon walk

Date senario #3
  • this would be great for a Tuesday
  • dinner/tapas at Rambla
  • free salsa lessons at Le Phare (and a drink or 2)
  • night topper at Loa
  • all a block from one another
Date senario #4
  • the street car date
  • this is can be done any time of the day-- just be weary of what part of town you are in
  • start at one end of the street car line
  • your ultimate destination is at other end of the street car line or a previously choosen destination like a spiffy restaurant or the like
  • take your time and get off to enjoy different parts of the street car line (quick bite to eat, shopping, drink, a 
  • walk... what ever catches your attention)
  • tips:   - open alcoholic beverages are not allowed on the street car (stop at bars for a drink)
             - take a ride up and down the street car line just to get an idea where you will be & where there is to go
             - consider how you will be getting back (taxi, streetcar, etc.)
             - if you are going to shop, remember you have to lug your goodies around with you
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WWLanD... if she were looking for a late night meal

here is a list of places you can try if you were looking for something to eat late night:

google locations to find out closing times.  not all places listed are open as late as others. 

1. Somethin' Else Cafe
620 Conti; NoLa 70130(between Chartres & Royal)

2. Felipe's- French Quarter
301 N Peters; NoLa 70130 (corner of Bienville)
** Felipe's other location Uptown is not open late.

3. St. Charles Tavern
1433 St Charles; NoLa 70130 (corner of Martin Luther King Jr Blvd)
4. Dejavu Restaurant & Bar
400 Dauphine; NoLa 70012 (corner of Conti)

5. Daisy Dukes Restaurant & Bar
121 Chartres, NoLa (French Quarter)

6. Camellia Grill
626 S Carrolton, NoLa 70094 (Riverbend)
540 Chartres, NoLa 70130 (French Quarter)

7. Vinnie's Sports Bar & Grill
2766 Belle Chasse Highway, Suite C (Westbank near Lapalco)

8. Coop's Place
1109 Decatur, NoLa 70116 (French Quarter- between Gov Nicholls & Ursulines)
9. Angeli's
1141 Decatur, NoLa 70116 (French Quarter- corner of Gov Nicholls)

10. Hoshun
1601 St Charles, NoLa 70130

11. Clover Grill
900 Bourbon, NoLa 70116 (French Quarter- corner of Dumaine)

12. Turtle Bay
1119 Decatur, NoLa 70116 (French Quarter)
13. Coffee &
2 locations of the Westbank-- i'm having trouble finding them on google.
Manhattan near Westbank Expressway
Westbank Expressway near Barataria

14. Bud's Broiler
500 City Park Ave, NoLa
2008 Clearview Pkwy, Metarie, LA 70001
** Bud's Broiler has several other locations, how ever they are not open late night.

15. Capedeville
520 Capedevill, NoLa 70130 (Central Business District)

16. F&M's

17. The Boot Pizza
1039 Broadway, NoLa 70118 (Uptown by Tulane)

18. Balcony Bar

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Monday, June 7, 2010

WWLanD... or try at least once in New Orleans

New Orleans is known for a lot. Here's a list of things to try at least once while you are here.

Festivals & Holidays
  • Mardi Gras
  • Jazz Fest
  • Halloween -- the actual day and the Saturday night before Halloween & you must dress up!
  • French Quarter Fest

Restaurants & Bars (Food & Drink)
  • Jacque Imo's-- the alligator cheesecake appetizer (not dessert) is a must!
  • Drago's-- charbroiled oysters is what they are known for!
  • Cafe du Monde-- for their beignets & coffee
  • Willie Mae's Schotch House-- voted best fried chicken by .... i gotta find out!
  • Po boy (Crabby Jack's or anywhere else (you can't mess up a po boy)- my favorite is the fried shrimp po boy dressed, meaning lettuce, tomato, and mayonaise.... i like to add ketchup)
  • Crawfish- you gotta suck the heads to get the full experience. =)
  • Sazerac - one of the oldest known cocktails invented in New Orleans
  • go through a drive in daiquiri shop-- where else can you buy alcohol while driving?
Places To Go & To Go See
  • Bourbon Street (get the full experience, start at the beginning and walk down 9 blocks down to Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop)
  • the cemetaries
  • Mississippi River
  • Frenchmen Street
  • Saints football game
  • Royal Street (if you like art galleries.... if you do, the Museum & Art district is a must do!)
  • the historic French Quarter
  • The Make It Right homes in the 9th ward (i hate to add this one to the list.  but it does put things in to persepctive for those wondering about Hurricane Katrina.  if you do check this out, please be considerate of those who are living in the area.)
  • Galeria Alegria-- "A Million Greetings From New Orleans" exhibit.  This is by far my favorite pieces of art.  Imagine, large mosaic pieces made all of Mardi Gras beads.  You can't imagine it.  You just have to see it with your own eyes.  1914 Magazine Street 70130.
(last updated Sunday July 9th 2011)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

WWLanD... if she were a first time visitor

2 places every 1st time visitor should eat at:

Jacque Imo's-- "Real Nawlins Food"
Try their "Alligator Cheesecake" appetizer!
8324 Oak Street
NOLA 70118
504- 861- 0886

Drago's... for their legendary charbroiled oysters.

3232 North Arnoult Road
Metairie, LA 70002
504- 888- 9254

2 Poydras Street
NOLA 70130
504- 584- 3911

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