Friday, July 30, 2010

WWLanD... if she were planning a night out for a date

i guess because i'm a hopeless romantic, i like to conjure up some ideas for dates-- something fun, something different, something romantic... just something. here are a couple of ideas i've come up with:

Date senario #1:
  • martin wine cellar to pick out a bottle of wine
  • baru for dinner (they do not serve alcohol, but they do have a corking fee)
  • a walk through the neighborhood
  • desert/pastry/gelato shop

Date senario #2
  • dinner at a any restaurant in the french quarter
  • some type of tour- the haunted ghost tour, the carriage tour...
  • cafe du monde for dessert/beignets
  • a walk along the moon walk

Date senario #3
  • this would be great for a Tuesday
  • dinner/tapas at Rambla
  • free salsa lessons at Le Phare (and a drink or 2)
  • night topper at Loa
  • all a block from one another
Date senario #4
  • the street car date
  • this is can be done any time of the day-- just be weary of what part of town you are in
  • start at one end of the street car line
  • your ultimate destination is at other end of the street car line or a previously choosen destination like a spiffy restaurant or the like
  • take your time and get off to enjoy different parts of the street car line (quick bite to eat, shopping, drink, a 
  • walk... what ever catches your attention)
  • tips:   - open alcoholic beverages are not allowed on the street car (stop at bars for a drink)
             - take a ride up and down the street car line just to get an idea where you will be & where there is to go
             - consider how you will be getting back (taxi, streetcar, etc.)
             - if you are going to shop, remember you have to lug your goodies around with you
 this post was last updated Sunday June 9th 2011

WWLanD... if she were looking for a late night meal

here is a list of places you can try if you were looking for something to eat late night:

google locations to find out closing times.  not all places listed are open as late as others. 

1. Somethin' Else Cafe
620 Conti; NoLa 70130(between Chartres & Royal)

2. Felipe's- French Quarter
301 N Peters; NoLa 70130 (corner of Bienville)
** Felipe's other location Uptown is not open late.

3. St. Charles Tavern
1433 St Charles; NoLa 70130 (corner of Martin Luther King Jr Blvd)
4. Dejavu Restaurant & Bar
400 Dauphine; NoLa 70012 (corner of Conti)

5. Daisy Dukes Restaurant & Bar
121 Chartres, NoLa (French Quarter)

6. Camellia Grill
626 S Carrolton, NoLa 70094 (Riverbend)
540 Chartres, NoLa 70130 (French Quarter)

7. Vinnie's Sports Bar & Grill
2766 Belle Chasse Highway, Suite C (Westbank near Lapalco)

8. Coop's Place
1109 Decatur, NoLa 70116 (French Quarter- between Gov Nicholls & Ursulines)
9. Angeli's
1141 Decatur, NoLa 70116 (French Quarter- corner of Gov Nicholls)

10. Hoshun
1601 St Charles, NoLa 70130

11. Clover Grill
900 Bourbon, NoLa 70116 (French Quarter- corner of Dumaine)

12. Turtle Bay
1119 Decatur, NoLa 70116 (French Quarter)
13. Coffee &
2 locations of the Westbank-- i'm having trouble finding them on google.
Manhattan near Westbank Expressway
Westbank Expressway near Barataria

14. Bud's Broiler
500 City Park Ave, NoLa
2008 Clearview Pkwy, Metarie, LA 70001
** Bud's Broiler has several other locations, how ever they are not open late night.

15. Capedeville
520 Capedevill, NoLa 70130 (Central Business District)

16. F&M's

17. The Boot Pizza
1039 Broadway, NoLa 70118 (Uptown by Tulane)

18. Balcony Bar

last updated Sunday July 9th 2011